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French formal mode rules explained

A little lost with tu and vous, the Los Angeles Times decided, for the French nationnale party, to clarify issue with an original graphics

No equivalent in English, vous is often misunderstood, and especially poorly mastered: tu generalizes.

But where the limits of formal address is? can we address as vous his leader? it depends if you work at a company like Le Google!

Did you participate in the French May 1968 riots demanding government reform and free love? Were you at Woodstock? Really?

Are you speaking to a child? Is the child like a prince or something?

A graphic both funny and useful!

Los Angeles Time - Vouvoiement
(source: LA Times)

Pronouns iel and iels

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10 most common mistakes in French

1. PARMI and MALGRÉ instead of parmiS et malgréS ! These two words are never completed by "s". Howerver "toujours" always finish with "s". 2. Appeler, with one or two "L" Only with "nous" and "...

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Ses ses sait c'est s'est ça


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Lernstift, pen which detects misspellings

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