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Indicative present perfect / Basic rules


Present perfect tense of the indicative is used to describe an action or fact that has already occurred at the time of the sentence:
examples : j'ai rigolé, il s'est drogué, nous avons travaillé (I laughed, he was drugged, we worked ...)


It is a compound tense, ie. avoir or être auxiliary (to have or to be) at present tense followed by the past participle of the verb.

Present perfect tense of the indicative
Pronoun Avoir auxiliary   OR Être auxiliary +   Past participle
je / j' ai suis mangé / tombé(e)
tu as es mangé / tombé(e)
il / elle / on a est mangé / tombé(e)
nous avons sommes mangé / tombé(e)s
vous avez êtes mangé / tombé(e)s
ils / elles ont sont mangé / tombé(e)s
When verb être (to be) is used as auxiliary, past participle agrees with the subject.
Where avoir (to have) is used ad auxiliary, past participle does not agree with the subject but with object of the sentense if it's before verb (except in special cases)

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